Week of October 31 – November 4

This week we wrote our Monthly Memory for October. There were so many ideas that were brainstormed by the first graders! We had such a great October! We also started our Tree Book using an app called Book Creator on our iPads. Ms. Scheffer the technology specialist came in and showed us how to the use the app and create our books. They are coming along fantastically! We also started a new unit in math! We are focusing on addition facts to 20! We also learned a catchy doubles song to help with our doubles facts (see below)!

Conversation Starters:

  • What did you write your Monthly Memory for October about?
  • Can you sing me the Doubles song?
  • What is an open number line?
  • What is Book Creator?
  • What are the 3 types of trees in your tree book?
  • What parts of the tree are in your book?
  • What is the activity Coseeki?



Week of October 24 – 28

This week was packed with special activities! We had our tree walk with Ms. P from the science center. She took us outside to look at maple, oak, and pine trees and showed us the different parts. We took pictures with our iPads and will be creating our very own tree books! It was also special because we had a fun celebration of fall on Friday! We made Fun Friday pumpkins, created monsters with math facts, and enjoyed a party in a bag! Last, we received a postcard from our friend Jiji in ST Math! That means we completed 10% of the ST Math curriculum! It was a fun week in Grade 1!

Week of October 17-21

This week we started our new unit in Fundations on digraphs. Students are being great digraph detectives in reading class! We also continued learning about plant parts and functions focusing this week on roots. We planted seeds and looked at how the roots help the plants stay in place and bring the nutrients and water to the stem! We also watched a BrainPop video on the different plant functions. We are continuing our math unit on addition and subtraction and are coming close to a finish! We finished off the week strong with a Fun Friday activity. We read the book Oodles of Animals and made our own animals out of different shapes! We are making great progress in Grade 1!

Conversation Starters:

  • What is a digraph? Can you tell me some words with digraphs?
  • What did you write your Monthly Memory for September on?
  • What did you learn in the BrainPop video?
  • What is the function of a stem?
  • What is the function of a root?
  • What animal did you make during Fun Friday?


Week of October 11 -14

This week was a short week, but it was still fun-filled and full of learning! We ended our week on a high by successfully visiting and researching animals at the Franklin Park Zoo!

We continued our science unit and looked at our celery. We found some great results and discovered that the function of celery is very similar in the way we use straws! We also planted seeds and are going to start looking at the roles of roots.

We finished our first unit in Fundations on blends and three letter words! The students are doing great at tapping out their words and not getting tricked by the trick words! We are now moving on to digraphs.

In math, we are working on fluently adding and subtracting within 10. We recently did a lesson on doubles and near doubles facts. We learned a great song to remember our Doubles facts. Ask your first grader to sing it for you!

Here are some conversation starters:

  • What happened to your celery?
  • What do you think will happen to the carnations?
  • What do you think will happen to your seed?
  • What is a doubles fact?
  • What is a near doubles fact?
  • What is a tens frame?
  • How can you use a number line to help you solve a math problem?
  • What were some of your trick words this week?
  • How do you spell “quit?” What about “fix?”
  • What classroom reward did you choose?

Some pictures from the Zoo!

Week of October 3-7

We’ve had a very busy October so far! We started our first science unit on Plant Parts & Functions. We talked about different living and nonliving things and decided whether or not we think they have parts. We also looked at mums and drew scientific sketches while labeling each part! The first graders have become scientists quite quickly! We ended the week with our lesson on Super Stems, putting celery in a cup with blue food coloring. We made great predictions about what will happen to the celery over the weekend!

We have continued getting used to our Reading classrooms. We are getting to know new friends and seeing some old. We will continue to do Fundations and start guided reading soon!

Conversation Starters:

  • What did you do in Reading class this week?
  • What was your Fun Friday project this week? What book did you read?
  • What spelling activities did you do this week?
  • How do you make a list? What did you write a list about?
  • How do you play the math game Roll & Record?
  • Can you tell me a doubles fact?
  • Who is Jiji?
  • What does the word “part” mean?
  • What parts of the flower did you see and draw?
  • What does the word “function” mean?
  • What is your prediction about the celery in the blue water?

Here is a picture of us at Extra Recess… Our first class earned reward!! (Photographer: Max)


Week of September 19-23

We have had another busy week in Grade 1! We enjoyed preparing for Back to School Night and enjoyed a few special guests in our room to help with our learning. We finished our week strong with Book Buddies, a Fun Friday Project, and extra recess which was earned as our first classroom reward!

Conversation Starters:

  • What app did you use to make your video for Back to School Night? Who helped you make it?
  • Who is Echo the Owl and Baby Echo?
  • What is ST Math?
  • Who is your Book Buddy?
  • What was your favorite part of The Apple Pie Tree? What Fun Friday Project did you make to go with the story?
  • What poem did you add to your poetry binder?
  • What are the 4 Seasons? What are some activities we do in each season?
  • Who is Mrs. Fortunato? What did she teach you in math?
  • What did you do to earn extra recess?


Week of September 12-16

We’ve successfully concluded our second week of school! We are continuing to learn about each other and the rules and routines of first grade. Through interactive modeling and practice, we are already making progress!

We began to review letter formations and sounds in Fundations and began our first Math Unit on addition and subtraction to 10. We also had an assembly on belonging! Below are some of the things we did and learned about via the first graders:

  • We received our very own Ipads – Max
  • I learned how to add – Kayla
  • We made “Who’s Following the Rules” books – Lexa
  • We read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and did a craft and writing with it – Bart
  • We started our poetry books – Sravya
  • I sang “hello there” in Music – Evan
  • This week I went to PE and made color groups – Nicholas
  • We had an assembly on Belonging – Zoha
  • We worked on Chromebooks to see what we know about reading – Gabriela
  • I learned what the Apology of Action means – Manny
  • I met Echo and Baby Echo in Fundations – Mason
  • Our class got a certificate for Being the One – Yusra
  • We learned that one of our classroom rules is to Be Kind – Fatimah
  • We read The Book with No Pictures – Aiden
  • We read the book One – Nicky
  • We had book buddies – Archer

Here is a picture of a few friends presenting our acrostic poem on Belonging at the assembly on Friday! (L-R Fatimah, Nicholas, Nicky, Manny)