Week of January 16th-20th

We had a great week!  Here are some highlights…

  • We continued our discussion about Martin Luther King Jr.
  • The heroes assembly was fun and meaningful.  We watched the kindergarten kids sing a song about heroes, the first graders showed a video about what begin a hero means/who our heroes are, and the second graders wrote adorable “recipes” explaining the “ingredients” of a hero.
  • We reached 30% completion in the ST math program.
  • Our topic about representing and interpreting data is off to a great start!  The kids are learning about how to read graphs and charts.

Week of Jan 3-6

Happy New Year! We had a great first week back!  Here are some highlights of what happened…

  • We talked about the changes in the calendar as we start a new year.
  • We had an important conversation about being a hero.    This conversation will tie into a school-wide assembly about heroes that Mrs. Johnson will have in a couple of weeks.
  • The kids wrote letters to one of our classmates who broke her leg.  They have all been truly concerned and so wonderfully helpful.  This particular student has been a rock star about her little setback, too!
  • We did an adorable Fun Friday project about catching snowflakes on your tongue!

Week of Dec 19-23

Congratulations to all first graders who did a wonderful job at the Peppermint Parade on Wednesday.  It’s not easy speaking in front of such a large crowd, but the kids did a great job!  Thank you for your help at home to make this event successful.

The month of December has been very busy with reading assessments- which is why many kids have not come home with books.  We’ll be ready to begin reading groups again as soon as we come back from vacation!  I’m very excited to start this again with the kids!

We finished up Topic 4 in math.  It was a tough topic!  We’ll be ready to begin Topic 5- working with addition and subtraction equations- once we return in January.

The kids loved having Mrs. Scheffer show them a new app about coding called, The Hour of Code.  This is a challenging activity that uses problem solving skills and visual/spacial thinking. Thank you Mrs. Scheffer!


Happy holidays to all!  Enjoy your winter vacation.  I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2017!

Week of Dec 5-9

I’m so happy to be back in the classroom.  The kids have been doing a great job adjusting to me as their teacher!  We made our Peppermint Parade invitations this week.  I hope you saw them in your child’s backpack!  We’ve started a new math topic that teaches about the relationship between addition and subtraction.  We finished this week with one of my favorite projects… gingerbread glyphs!  The kids created gingerbread people based on their own personal unique qualities!

Week of November 21-23

We are thankful for so many things in Grade 1! We wrote about these things in on our colorful turkeys. We also learned about Owls and made our very own out of construction paper and newspaper. Last, but certainly not least, we had our Vocabulary Parade! It was so exciting to see the whole school rocking their vocabulary words in the cafeteria!

Week of November 14-18

This week we finished our plant unit! We made our very own plant models out of various craft materials and then labeled the parts. This showed both our creativity and knowledge of plant parts and functions. We also had a Community Circle with Mrs. Johnson where the whole first grade received friendship bracelets to signify that we are all here to be a friend to one another. We also continued our math unit – using different strategies to add up to 20! It was a great week in Room 26!

Week of November 7 & 9

This week was very short but we still learned some great things! We continued our reading groups and math unit, but our highlight of the week was learning the meaning of Veterans’ Day. We watched a video of a read aloud about different types of veterans and then filled out our Veterans’ Day books. We had a nice discussion about whether or not we know anyone in our lives who are veterans and decided we could thank them on this holiday! Have a great long weekend!